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Daily Archives: April 1, 2018

Jim Souhan: Timing is right for Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson finale at the Masters

The Masters arrives in the spring, beaming visions of sunshine and foliage into our living rooms, providing a reminder (for northerners) that humans may move about outdoors without winter-proofed boots. For anyone with even a casual interest in golf, the Masters is welcomed. This year, the most familiar of major championships will also offer one of the most compelling field… ...

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S.H. Park gets put on clock and implodes

The Masters is upon us, and by all accounts it will be one of the most anticipated events in recent years. But all the excitement means that those hoping to score a spot at Augusta National Golf Club as patrons had better be ready to dig deep into their wallets. Masters tickets are among the most highly-sought in sports, let ...

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