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PGA Tour Keeps Eye to the Skies


With a chance of rain in the forecast all week the PGA Tour is monitoring the radar. The Tour has their own team of meteorologists who keep an eye on the conditions near the course.

Stuart Williams is the on-site meteorologist with the PGA Tour.  He travels every week with the tour to monitor the weather, just in case a storm is nearby.

His job is to keep everyone safe on the course, and if severe weather approaches, he’s the man who suspends play.

“The first hint of any severe weather going to be around, we put up signage that says, ‘hey inclement weather approaching,'” Williams said. “So definitely watch the leaderboards out there. Then if you do hear the horns sound, it means there’s a danger.”

 If the Tour decides to suspend play, patrons and players will hear a loud horn blast over the grounds. Once it’s safe to return the horns will blast again and players and fans can return to the course.

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